Process Modeling and Verification


To increase the maturity level of a Business System transparency is required. In fact, standardized visualization of processes will help to identify improvements and will make best practice sharing easier.

An implemented efficient process management validates your Business System and creates a clear and accurate definition of your company structure as well as the workflows that interact in it.

These flows are :

Process modeling is thus an efficient method to obtain a detailed view of the business (including all activities) of your company. Indeed, process viewing and navigation facilitates process improvements.

BabbaSoft offers a modeling service of processes and workflows which helps you to visualize / navigate your processes based on your processes content definitions.

Process modeling and visualization facilitates the following improvement steps:


In order to ensure your processes modeling, a database in ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) has to be created and maintained.Therefore it should be supported and the modeled processes should be verified.

To facilitate these database management process tasks, we develop scripts (using ARIS toolset) that make easier :